In addition to working assignments in every state in the U.S., we have also provided services in over 70 foreign countries.  As we expand our footprint of offices to be more accessible to our clients and their needs, we believe that it is important to branch out to other countries.  We have done so, with offices in both London in Toronto and have plans for offices in other countries as well.

Our London office, operated as our wholly owned subsidiary Rimkus Consulting, Ltd., opened in 2009 to meet the need for experienced professionals to serve not only Europe but also the Middle East, Asia and North Africa.  Similarly, our Toronto office, operated by another wholly owned subsidiary Rimkus Consulting Group Canada, Inc., opened in 2016 and provides a base of operations from which our experts can travel easily to locations in Canada where they are needed.


Our London office operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.  We conduct forensic investigations across a wide range of countries and serve not only Europe but also the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  From our London office, we provide experts to address all aspects of the power industry as well as the oil and gas industry.  We also offer those services for which we are most known, including construction, biomechanical, environmental and property damage investigations.  A sampling of our international investigations has included the following:

  • Power generation including steam and gas turbines, boilers, renewables and reciprocating engines
  • Fire and explosion investigation
  • Heat exchangers, steam generators, pumps, condensers, turbines and tanks
  • Electrical including networks, motors, generators, switchgear and transformers.
  • Machinery including rotating equipment, drive systems, crushers, material handling, filters, screens
  • Chemistry including issues with process, contamination and hazardous materials
  • Pipeline issues with Horizontal Directional Drilling, subsurface, overland and polymers
  • Environmental losses involving gas cleaning, water management and treatment, asbestos and debris removal
  • Renewables including wind, solar and biomass
  • Construction losses involving project management, performance testing, contract disputes, construction accidents and variation orders. Reinstatement issues after a loss
  • Metallurgy including material selection, fatigue, failure analysis, material testing


Our Toronto office is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.  Rimkus Consulting Group Canada, Inc., like London, offers a full slate of investigative skills with our local personnel and augmented by U.S.-based experts when needed with specialized skills.

Our Canadian assignments have included the following:

  • Biomechanical investigations relating to

    • Seatbelt use and injury analysis in high-speed accidents and rollovers
    • Effectiveness of a bicycle helmet for an un-helmeted rider in a cyclist impact
    • Consistency of injury with the events described
    • Determining the fatality-inducing event in multiple-impact accidents
  • Construction disputes including

    • Issues over the engineering design of a facility
    • Construction litigation, design issues and professional negligence
    • Assessment of engineering omission and error
    • Failure analysis of the structures, buildings, bridges and foundations
    • Risk management and construction design review
    • Environmental Damages
    • Lost loads of hazardous materials in transport
    • Hazardous materials released from a pipeline failure