Industry Knowledge

Rimkus has more than 900 experts and consultants on staff with an average of 15 to 20 years of industry experience in their profession. As a result, we have backgrounds that extend both deep and wide for a variety of industries. A leader in the forensic engineering and consulting industry, we actively participate in industry codes and standards committees and maintain certifications from the leading organizations. To each assignment, we bring industry knowledge specific to the task at hand to help our clients understand what happened and why it happened.

Investigative Approach

Because of our extensive expertise, we are able to understand and consider the science behind the situation and assess in detail the particular event being investigated. Rimkus consultants and experts are specifically trained in proper site inspection techniques and documentation. We use a consistent investigative approach that includes utilizing the latest in technology to carefully document site conditions, perform a thorough and detailed inspection of the scene, and follow established protocols for the collection, cataloging and preservation of pertinent evidence.

Analysis and Report

Our consultants and experts are trained in root cause analysis and we approach solving difficult problems utilizing scientific methodology. Rimkus consultants systematically go through the process of evaluating all of the evidence available to them, applying scientific principles coupled with industry knowledge and when appropriate, the use of the latest analytical technologies to arrive at scientifically sound opinions and solutions. All opinions go through a regimented technical review to ensure that Rimkus provides a consistent high quality product to our clients.


No matter how well we apply our industry knowledge and perform the most scientifically sound analysis, they are of no value unless we can clearly communicate the information to our clients and, where necessary, to juries. We establish budgets with our clients and keep our clients informed throughout our work process. We listen to our clients to understand the questions they need answered and we deliver scientifically-based answers to those questions that allow our client’s to move their project, claim or dispute forward. Our goal is to create the best client service experience on every engagement.