Facade restoration and cornice replacement featured image
Facade restoration and cornice replacement featured image

1160 Park Avenue Façade Restoration and Cornice Replacement

1160 Park Avenue, New York, NY is a 14-story apartment building constructed in 1926. This neo-renaissance style building was designed by Architect George F. Pelham who worked on nearly 100+ buildings in the city. The building façade was constructed of a three-story decorative limestone base with a mass masonry mid-section at floors four through twelve.

October 20, 2020


Building management retained Rimkus, A Rimkus Company, to perform a probe inspection of existing conditions at the building cornice and provide services for the design and repair of the terra cotta cornice as well as façade repairs to address the items cited in the building’s 8th Cycle Façade Inspection and Safety Program (FISP) Report. Rust scaling of the embedded steel framing members, which appeared to be part of original building construction, caused internal cracking and displacement of the cornice. Approximately 250 LF of cornice was removed, properly waterproofed, and replaced with a Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) replica to match existing conditions. (not sure if you want to include: Material samples including decorative brick and mortar panels along with GFRC samples were furnished for approval by the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). Additional submission to the LPC included documentation of all existing decorative terra cotta panels along both street elevations. Top and side-mounted railings were installed at the main roof and penthouse terrace to meet the NYC Department of Building’s (DOB’s) height requirements. Repairs to the stone and masonry elements, including replacement of deteriorated units, waterproofing installation, and reinforcement of units, were performed along the building elevations to classify the building façade as safe.

Services Provided

Rimkus’s work included an assessment of existing conditions at the building to determine the required repairs to be performed, the design of plans and specifications for such repairs, filing with the NYC DOB and LPC entities, and management of Construction Administration. The work focused on repairing deteriorated conditions at the cornice as well as façade repairs to maintain public safety as part of the Rules of the City of New York’s (RCNY’s) Rule 103-04.

  • On-site assessment inspection
  • Preparation and design of details, drawings, and specifications 
  • Assistance with contractor selection; distribution of design documents to qualified contractors, tabulation of contractor pricing
  • Prepare and submit filing documentation to the NYC DOB and LPC
  • Collaborate with LPC to determine appropriate color and texture of products to match existing conditions for restorative purposes
  • On-site progress inspection during construction
  • Host progress meetings with contractor and Client during construction
  • Provide field reports and meeting minutes
  • Review contractor requests for payment
  • Project Closeout with NYC DOB and LPC

Project Cost: $600,000

Completion Dates: Rimkus Services: 2017, Construction: 2020


  • Report of Cornice Conditions
  • Design Package; plans and specifications
  • Bid Matrix
  • Field Reports and Progress Meeting Minutes
  • Closeout Package; all pertinent project documents including permits, warranties, etc.

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