Two-Car Vehicle Accident

May 19, 2022


A two-vehicle collision occurred at an intersection. A Chevrolet was eastbound and approached an intersection. A Ford van was traveling northbound on another road and approached the intersection. According to the uniform crash report, the Chevrolet entered into the intersection and was contacted in the right side by the Ford, injuring the driver and passenger in the Chevrolet.

Services Provided

Rimkus was retained to reconstruct the collision. Rimkus’ rapid response team was requested to mobilize to the scene. During the course of our investigation and analysis, Rimkus photographed the scene and measured critical evidence at the accident scene. The event data recorders of both the Chevrolet and the Ford were downloaded and reviewed.

Based on our analysis, we concluded:

  • The police investigating the scene observed and concluded that tire marks at the scene were from the Ford and also concluded that the Ford was speeding based on the length of the skid marks.
  • Rimkus determined that the width between the tire marks was wider than the actual width between the Ford’s tires. We also determined based on the direction of the tire marks, the tire marks were the result of a vehicle attempting to rapidly slow down to negotiate a turn at the intersection and did not align with the area of impact.
  • Rimkus reviewed the data collected from the event data recorder on the Ford, which verified that the Ford was not speeding. The Ford was also determined to have an anti-lock braking system which typically will not result in substantial skid marks to be produced during hard braking.
  • Rimkus met with the police department at the scene to review our findings and to measure the width of the tire marks at the scene and to measure the width between the tires on the Ford. Based on the additional evidence, the police concluded that that the tire marks were not from the Ford and revised the accident report to show that the Ford was not speeding.

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