Consulting Expert Update, March 2019

March 13, 2019

Rimkus Consulting Group Inc., a leading forensic engineering and technical consulting firm, has assisted clients across the country and around the world in resolving of a wide range of complex claims and disputes for more than 35 years. With worldwide experience providing single source solutions, Rimkus specializes in consulting on matters involving energy and construction disputes, environmental toxic torts, transportation incidents and accidents, injury biomechanics, product and premises liability, the origin and cause of fires and explosions, professional liability issues, and evaluation of toxic exposures. Rimkus employs more than 500 consulting experts offering their professional services from more than 60 office locations across the United States, in Canada, and Europe.

Gary P. Dault, P.E.
Nashville, Tenessee

Gary Dault is Property Division Manager for the Great Lakes region and a Professional Engineer licensed in 11 states. He has more than 15 years of consulting engineering experience including the design, analysis, and construction administration of industrial, commercial, and residential structures. His extensive background includes the inspection and design of municipal buildings, bridges, and roadways, as well as the development and design of building envelope systems. His responsibilities include evaluating multiple types of structural failures for the determination of cause. He has responded to, performed, and managed various damage assessments following numerous catastrophic events including tropical storm systems, floods, tornadoes, structure fires, and wildfires. He is a FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Certified Structures Specialist, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation EPSC Level 1 Certified, and a member of the National Speleological Society. Mr. Dault earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Structural Engineering from Tennessee Technological University. View Profile

James F. Lane, M.S., P.E.
Chicago, Illinois

James Lane is a Professional Engineer licensed in twelve states. He has more than 30 years of experience in the determination of root cause and dispute resolution for a broad range of industries including but not limited to construction, facilities, transportation, manufacturing, and litigation support. His background includes expertise in designing and conducting field/laboratory testing, materials characterization, fractography, microstructural analysis, and mechanical testing. In his role as Principal Consultant, Mr. Lane provides consulting services from a materials engineering perspective with a general focus on metals, polymers, ceramics/glass, materials of construction, property/structure relationships, and environmental degradation. He is a founding member and president-elect of the Failure Analysis Society, and a member of a number of other professional industry organizations. Mr. Lane earned a Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering from Georgia Tech.View Profile

Michael A. Dangerfield, ACTAR
Charleston, South Carolina

Michael Dangerfield is an ACTAR-Accredited Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist and Consultant. He has investigated more than 2000 collisions and provided technical review to more than 3000, with experiences ranging from minor, low-speed accidents to high-speed collisions with multiple injuries and fatalities. He has expertise involving hit and runs, motorcycle collisions, pedestrian/bicycle collisions, golf cart/UTV/ATV collisions, and commercial vehicle accidents. His background includes driver determination investigations, forensic mapping, evidence investigation, and event data recorder downloads. He has more than 20 years of experience as a State Trooper, specializing in accident reconstruction, enforcement operations, and critical response planning. At the time of his retirement with the South Carolina Highway Patrol, he was commanding officer of the Multi-disciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) in South Carolina. He has provided testimony in criminal and civil proceedings as a motor vehicle collision reconstruction expert. Mr. Dangerfield is a graduate of the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy and South Carolina Highway Patrol Academy. View Profile

Nancy A. Lee, CIH
Seattle, Washington

Nancy Lee is a Certified Industrial Hygienist who specializes in the assessment and control of chemical, biological, and physical hazards in occupational and community settings. She has more than 30 years of experience in the evaluation and implementation of occupational health and safety programs, health hazard assessments, exposure monitoring, and accident/injury investigations. As a Senior Consultant, she provides consulting services to clients regarding matters of workplace health and safety, premises and product liability, exposure and risk assessments, and environmental hazards. Ms. Lee has served as a subject matter expert for a wide variety of topics; she has experience with enforcement settlement negotiations, depositions, and expert testimony, including working as an OSHA compliance expert for civil and criminal cases. She is a member of the American Board of Industrial Hygiene, American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, and the Pacific Northwest Industrial Hygiene Association. Ms. Lee holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health from the University of Washington. View Profile

Ross E. Ott, P.E., IAAI -CFI
McAllen, Texas

Ross Ott is a Professional Engineer licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Texas. He is also a Certified Fire Investigator, Fire and Explosion Investigator, and Chimney Sweep. Mr. Ott has more than nine years of forensic engineering and fire investigation experience, offering a broad range of specialized knowledge. His areas of expertise include the investigation of residential and commercial building fires, natural gas and propane explosions, and chimney and solid-fuel burning appliance fires. His background includes appliance failure analysis, laboratory testing and examination, temperature studies, evidence collection, and knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems. He has experience testifying in trials and depositions as an expert witness. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI), and the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI). Mr. Ott earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Western Michigan University. 
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