Consulting Expert Update, May 2018

May 16, 2018

Rimkus Consulting Group, a leading forensic engineering and consulting firm, has assisted clients in the resolution of a wide range of complex claims and disputes for 35 years. With worldwide experience, Rimkus specializes in forensic consulting matters involving energy and construction disputes, environmental toxic torts, transportation accidents, injury biomechanics, product and premises liability, fires and explosions, professional liability, and toxicology. Rimkus provides services from 57 office locations employing more than 480 consulting experts in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Richard A. Rambacher, M.B.A., C.E.M., P.E.
Cleveland, Ohio 

Mr. Rambacher has more than 40 years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer. He is licensed in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. He has an extensive background in systems analysis and the design of industrial, municipal, educational, and commercial facilities. Throughout his career, he has analyzed failures of and developed solutions for hundreds of mechanical systems including those in single and multi-family dwellings, water treatment facilities, manufacturing operations, and hospitals. Notable accomplishments include the design of odor control systems and large energy recovery systems for the industrial sector, analysis of water damage, pump failure determination, the filing of several provisional patents, and providing expert witness testimony in OSHA noise and dust cases. Mr. Rambacher holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and a Master of Business Administration degree in Business (Finance and Marketing) from Cleveland State University.

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Stephen M. Kleps, Ph.D., P.E.
Chicago, Illinois 

Based in our Chicago office, Stephen Kleps is a Senior Consultant with more than 18 years of experience in construction management, and civil and structural engineering. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in 10 states with significant expertise in residential construction, commercial construction management, and civil and structural design and evaluation. He has additional proficiency in the design of repairs and rehabilitations of structures. His civil and structural expertise encompasses building and infrastructure projects involving bridge, roadway, and sewer and water main construction. Dr. Kleps also performs consultative reviews of the safety standard of care on multi-employer construction site accidents that apply OSHA regulations and standards as well as consensus documents such as various ANSI/ASSE standards. Dr. Kleps holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Civil Engineering with Construction Management focus from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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Anastasios D. Tsoumanis, Ph.D., ACTAR, CPSI
Atlanta, Georgia 

Dr. Anastasios Tsoumanis is an ACTAR-certified Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist, Certified Playground Safety Inspector, and Eastern Region Biomechanics Division Manager based in our Atlanta office. His primary areas of consulting expertise include injury causation biomechanics and vehicle accident reconstruction. Dr. Tsoumanis performs biomechanical analysis on cases involving low and high-speed accidents, driver determination, falling objects, helmet use, and slip/trip and falls. His background includes multiple aspects of orthopedics, knee joint biomechanics, rehabilitative engineering, neuromuscular motor control, and research.  He has a significant number of published articles addressing basic, applied, and clinical knee joint orthopedic and sensory-motor control topics. Dr. Tsoumanis is fluent in English and Greek and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical and Aeronautics Engineering from the University of Patras in Greece. Dr. Tsoumanis received Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees, both in Biomedical Engineering, from Northwestern University and the Illinois Institute of Technology, respectively.

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Richard A. Gehse, M.S., P.E.
Houston, Texas     
Richard Gehse is a Professional Engineer in Illinois and Texas based in our Houston office. His 40 plus years of professional experience span the electric utility, metals, chemical, and oil and gas midstream and downstream refining sectors in areas of design, engineering, management, and construction. He is also accomplished in procurement, quality control, asset integrity assessment, planning, scheduling, and cost estimating. Mr. Gehse’s technical areas of expertise include process safety management, fire and explosion prevention, damage-limiting construction, failure analysis, rotating equipment, pressure vessels, over-pressure relieving devices, mechanical integrity, corrosion assessments and fatigue analysis, power generation steam cycle plants, co-generation plants, and combined-cycle power plants. He has managed new-roots capital projects as well as the re-vamping and renovating of existing oil, gas, and petrochemical projects. Mr. Gehse holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Structural Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, both from the University of Illinois.

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Patrick J. Hudson, Ph.D., P.E.
San Diego, California

Dr. Patrick Hudson is a licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer in California and a licensed Professional Engineer in Maryland, Texas, and Virginia. Based in our San Diego office, he has more than 16 years of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate–level university courses in naval architecture, marine propulsion, ports and harbors, and offshore and coastal engineering. His areas of engineering proficiency include vessels, marine facilities, seawalls, mechanical failures to machinery, water losses, injuries to personnel, and admiralty cases. His significant background includes issues related to vessel collisions and groundings, ship seaworthiness and design evaluations, seawall and breakwater failures, water losses in commercial and residential buildings, and premises liability investigations. Dr. Hudson graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Naval Architecture and holds a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Ocean Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

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