Consulting Expert Update, November 2019

November 6, 2019

Rimkus Consulting Group Inc., a leading forensic engineering and technical consulting firm, has assisted clients across the country and around the world in resolving a wide range of complex claims and disputes for more than 35 years. With unparalleled expertise in diversified subject matters, Rimkus is the single source solution in consulting on complex matters involving property losses, energy and construction disputes, environmental toxic torts, transportation incidents and accidents, injury biomechanics, product and premises liability, the origin and cause of fires and explosions, professional liability issues, and evaluation of toxic exposures.

Craig S. Williams, IAAI-CFI, NAFI-CFEI, PI
Buffalo, NY

Craig Williams is a Certified Fire Investigator (CFI-IAAI) and Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI-NAFI) based in Buffalo, New York, and serving Rimkus Buffalo and Syracuse locations. As a Fire Consultant, Mr. Williams performs origin and cause investigations and evidence documentation/collection for fires involving residential, commercial, and industrial structures; vehicles; heavy equipment; marine equipment; explosions; household appliances, and electrical devices, among other potential causes. He also conducts code compliance research and evaluations, assessment of liability and subrogation issues, and product design failure analysis as related to fire losses. His background includes more than 27 years of public service as a Firefighter, Paramedic, Lieutenant, Captain, Fire Chief, Training Officer, Fire Investigator, and Fire Investigation Team Leader. Mr. Williams is also a licensed Private Investigator in six states, a member of several professional fire-related organizations, and holds numerous state, national, and international certifications as a Fire Instructor, Investigator, and Safety Inspector. View Profile.

Daniel P. Barton, P.E.
Tampa, FL

Daniel Barton is a Professional Engineer licensed in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Texas. As a Division Manager in the Rimkus Eastern Region, Mr. Barton performs investigations of residential, commercial, and industrial structures, including evaluations of structural integrity and property damage related to storms, moisture intrusion, foundation failures, structural deficiencies, construction vibration, and more. He holds a Florida High Wind Installer certification from the Tile Roofing Institute and has performed extensive wind, rain, and flood damage evaluations of structures affected by hurricanes and tropical storms. His industry background also includes geotechnical investigations of residential, municipal, and commercial environments, soil testing, and geotechnical testing specifically related to karst formation. Mr. Barton has provided both deposition and trial expert testimony. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on structural design and analysis from the University of South Florida. View Profile.

Houston, TX

Josh Hink holds Fire Investigator and licensed Private Investigator certifications in multiple states. He applies more than six years of investigation experience to his role as a Rimkus Fire Consultant, where he specializes in the determination of the origins and causes of fires and explosions. He is responsible for evaluations of fire-related losses to residential and commercial structures, industrial and marine claims, heavy equipment, and vehicles. Mr. Hink received Firefighter 1 and Hazardous Material Operations certifications from the Washington State Fire Academy, and has served as a Deputy Fire Marshal, Fire Marshal, and volunteer firefighter/EMT. His experience also extends to fighting wildland fires along interstates and highways as part of an Arson Task Force and as a Certified Firefighter 2. He is well-versed in key fire hazards, fire code enforcement and interpretation, and the testing and inspection of fire suppression systems. View Profile.

Joseph R. Filas, IAAF-CFI(V), NAFI-CFEI, CFI
Denver, CO

Joseph Filas, a Fire Consultant in the Rimkus Denver office, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Fire and Safety Technology with an emphasis in Fire, Arson, and Explosion Investigation from Eastern Kentucky University. He is a Certified Fire Investigator (CFI-V), Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI), and a Certified Fireplace Inspector (CFI). As a Fire Consultant, Mr. Filas has been involved in more than 1,300 forensic fire, arson, and explosion investigations and has served as an expert in courts at both the state and federal levels. He has expertise in the evaluation of fires and explosions in several industries, including residential, commercial, automobiles, heavy equipment, and oil/gas. Mr. Filas has expansive knowledge of fireplace and chimney construction and associated building codes, manufacturer-required installation procedures/instructions related to factory built-fireplaces and heating appliances, and code-required inspections of existing fireplaces and chimneys. View Profile.

C. Scott Haney, ACTAR
Oklahoma City, OK

Cary (Scott) Haney is an ACTAR-Accredited Principal Consultant in the Transportation Division. Based in the Rimkus Oklahoma City office, Mr. Haney performs forensic reconstructions, evaluations, and electronic downloads of vehicle accidents with an emphasis on commercial vehicle collisions. He retired with more than 22 years of experience as a State Trooper for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, including more than 10 years of service as an Accident Reconstructionist and a USDOT Commercial Vehicle Inspector certified in roadside inspection, tanker inspection, and hazardous materials inspection. Mr. Haney’s 37 years of experience include investigations of collisions involving multiple commercial and passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and pedestrians, as well as evaluations of driver perception and response and forensic examination of Berla Infotainment information. Mr. Haney earned an Associate in Science degree in Police Science from Oklahoma State University. View Profile.

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