Toxicology and Food Safety

April 14, 2022

Beer Contamination Investigations (Credit: 1 hour)
Food Safety (Credit: 1 hour)
Food-Borne Illnesses and Pharmaceutical Claims (Credit: 1 hour)
Forensic Toxicology for Drug & Alcohol Cases* (Credit: 1 hour)
Investigating Agricultural Overspray Cases (Credit: 1 hour)
Joint Effects: Marijuana, Driving, and Testing for Impairment (Credit: 1 hour)
Manure Pit Gas Ventilation Evaluations (Credit: 1 hour)
Marijuana & Driving: Can A Blood Test Determine Impairment (Credit: 1 hour)
Marijuana Use & How it Can Alter Judgment, Perception & Behavior (Credit: 1 hour)
Toxicology Claims in Food and Hospitality Industries (Credit: 1 hour)
Toxicology of Benzene (Credit: 1 hour)

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