Alexander P. Zaretskiy

Senior Consultant / P.E., CXLT / Los Angeles/Woodland Hills


Mr. Alexander P. Zaretskiy holds a B.S. degree in Engineering and is a registered professional engineer in California, Florida, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Washington. He is additionally licensed as a Certified XL Tribometrist for slip-resistance testing of walking surfaces. He has extensive experience in all civil engineering aspects of private and publicly-funded land-development design and construction projects.

Mr. Zaretskiy has a broad background in the many stages of site development process ranging from real-property due-diligence and research, ground-up design of site utility layout and site circulation, to construction administration efforts including site observations, and contractor management. His experience includes full-service civil engineering design and project management services ranging from private single-family residences to public institutional facilities.

Mr. Zaretskiy’s has extensive experience with verification of site compliance to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), local California Low Impact Development (LID) ordinances for stormwater compliance, small- and large-scale hydrologic and hydraulic assessments, along with during and post-construction best management practices for stormwater management. Mr. Zaretskiy has been responsible for implementation of site rehabilitation measures within public development projects to improve vehicular and pedestrian circulation and evaluation of capacity of existing storm drain infrastructure. Additionally, he has experience in roadway design for major, arterial, and local streets along with hardscape improvements for pedestrian accessibility.

Since 2018, Mr. Zaretskiy has performed multiple investigations of walkway accidents occurring at hotels, parking facilities, restaurants, commercial buildings, publicly maintained sidewalks, and personal residences.

Mr. Zaretskiy has applied his mechanical engineering background to the reconstruction of vehicular accidents that range in severity from minor property damage to multiple-vehicle collisions. His reconstruction expertise includes accidents involving personal and commercial vehicles ranging from cars to trucks. Mr. Zaretskiy has been certified by the Institute of Police and Technology Management by the University of North Florida as a Bosch CDR Tool Technician.

Mr. Zaretskiy is well-versed in the application of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction, ADA, International Building Code, California Building Code, and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Education and Certifications

• Mechanical Engineering, B.S.: University of California, Berkeley
• Professional Engineer: California (84868), Florida (87143), Hawaii (18593-C), New Mexico (25638), and Washington (57393)
• Certified XL Tribometrist (1906789)
• Bosch CDR Tool Technician (21135605): Institute of Police Technology and Management, University of North Florida
• Envision Sustainability Professional: Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure
• Qualified SWPPP Developer/Practitioner: California Stormwater Quality Association