Avelaino McGibbon

Senior Consultant / P.E. / Fort Lauderdale


Mr. McGibbon holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a registered professional engineer in Texas, Michigan and the Bahamas.

He has extensive industry experience in engine technology engineering, vehicle suspension design, marine powerplant, ship repair of cruise ships, cargo ships and tanker vessels. He also has considerable knowledge about dry docking and dock inspections and crane failures. He is familiar with small aircrafts operation, maintenance and repair procedures. He was the principal engineer for the complete body system for the Chevrolet Super Sport Roadster (SSR) limited production vehicle from concept to production release and he designed and managed the complete body and exterior components of the vehicle. He was the senior engineer and manager on the design of composite and steel body systems for U.S. government special applications vehicles. He has a 1988 U.S. patent for a vehicle suspension device and authored a 1983 book related to vehicle front suspension steering influence by drive torque. He is a licensed aircraft pilot and commercial FAA UAS Drone operation pilot. Mr. McGibbon has evaluated mechanical failures involving vehicle systems and components including engines, steering, brakes, fuel, suspension, tires, and seatbelts. In addition to passenger vehicle components, he is also experienced with failures involving commercial vehicles, forklifts, aerial lifts, cranes, and farm tractors. He has investigated and assessed a variety of product failure cases, including pumps, seals, lathes, hydraulic systems, trailer hitches, nail guns, table saws, plumbing components, fire suppression systems, water heaters, water filtering systems, toilets, washers, dryers, ladders, and ovens. He has investigated escalator failures. He has also performed various material failure analyses involving metals, plastics, and ceramics as well as automotive fluid analyses including engine oil, gasoline, diesel, and transmission fluid.

Education and Certifications

• Mechanical Engineering, B.S.: General Motors Institute (Kettering University)
• Registered Professional Engineer: Bahamas (10140), Michigan (6201036818), and Texas (119483)
• Active Licensed Private Aircraft Pilot
• Commercial FAA 107 UAS Drone Pilot