Barbara Worsham

Visual Media Consultant / P.I. / Houston


A graduate of the Art Institute of Houston with emphasis in Visual Communication, Ms. Worsham is a litigation animator and illustrator whose experience spans more than 25 years. She has animated events such as vehicle accidents, train derailments, environmental contamination, construction and refinery accidents, product liability issues, as well as fire origin and cause occurrences.

Ms. Worsham utilizes state-of-the-art software to enhance video from security cameras, cellular telephones, proprietary surveillance systems, as well as video from standard DVDs and VHS formats. The software generates a report which provides information for reliably reproducing enhancement results for forensic and scientific validity. She reviews the metadata generated by digital cameras for available information embedded in the resulting photographs. Ms. Worsham has analyzed and enhanced videos in both analog and digital formats. Ms. Worsham’s enhancement projects have originated from many different sources, including footage from CCTV systems, in-car camera systems, cellular telephones, digital cameras, and YouTube videos. She has supervised 3D computer camera match-to-video analysis to show the relative locations of people and objects. After clarifying the original video, she has created slow motion and still images for review. Finally, she has experience in deposition and courtroom testimony, explaining complex information in terms understandable by juries.

Education and Certifications

  • A.A. - Visual Communication - The Art Institute of Houston
  • Registered Private Investigator - Texas