Benjamin P. Woods

Senior Consultant / Richmond


Mr. Ben Woods holds a B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences with an emphasis on Numerical Weather Prediction Models.

Mr. Woods has a vast and expansive background in both the private and public sectors of meteorology and in operational and research management positions.

Mr. Woods has extensive experience in weather forecasting. He has been employed by The National Weather Service, network TV stations, and as an on-site weather consultant for professional and amateur golf tournaments at various locations within the U.S. He has been involved in various aspects of weather safety for close to 4 decades.

His broadcast meteorologist is vast and varied. He has forecasted on the national level at The Weather Channel and at local NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox networks. As an experienced public speaker, he has participated in countless taped and live interviews for local, national, and cable television and produced several severe weather safety specials. Mr. Woods has also provided training for motivational speakers with

In addition to his forensic consulting work, Mr. Woods is employed as a Communication Manager and Supplemental Program Coordinator with NOAA. He currently manages over $100 million of federally funded weather and water research projects. Mr. Woods has collected and analyzed data for clients involved in weather-related lawsuits and has experience in federal trial proceedings.

Education and Certifications

• Atmospheric Sciences, B.S.: Rutgers University
• American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval.: Raleigh, NC