Bruce L. Morris

Principal Consultant / P.E. / San Antonio


Mr. Morris is a civil engineering graduate of Rice University who joined Rimkus in 1995 with 25 years’ experience in researching and developing designs to make structures, vehicles, and equipment more durable against explosions, ballistics, and other dynamic events. Prior to Rimkus, he worked 11 years in federal civil service under the U.S. Department of Defense and spent 14 years performing contract research and development.

As a forensics consultant, Mr. Morris investigates damage to structures and their foundations, assesses the effects of internal explosions in structures, and analyzes damage produced by vibrations from construction-related equipment and from external explosions. He evaluates the effects of sonic booms on structures and how weather affects roofing systems. Additionally, Mr. Morris determines sources of moisture intrusion into buildings and identifies causes of damage to wood flooring. He also provides expert testimony in his areas of expertise.

Mr. Morris has worked with various types of buildings and structures, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional. His expertise includes: evaluating the response of various structural types (e.g., reinforced concrete, steel frame, reinforced and non-reinforced masonry, and wood frame) to dynamic, blast-induced loadings; designing reinforced concrete structures to resist the effects of accidental explosions; designing, conducting, and evaluating tests to simulate explosive and other dynamic events; and evaluating the ability of materials to resist ballistic penetration. He has also written computer codes to simulate the response of vehicles and vehicle components to explosive loadings from landmine detonations and has verified the accuracy of those simulations through comparison to experimental data. He has evaluated the effects of process plant explosions on surrounding structures and has served as a principal author for the revision of the U.S. Army Engineering Design Handbook Armor and Its Applications.

Education and Certifications

• Master of Civil Engineering, M.C.E.: Rice University
• Civil Engineering, B.S.: Rice University
• Registered Professional Engineer: Florida (64467), and Oklahoma (26590), and Texas (38440)