Christopher B. Wood, III

Technician / Oklahoma City


Mr. Wood received his bachelor’s in Digital Media Arts from John Brown University and master’s degree in Interactive Technology from Southern Methodist University.

He has extensive experience with vehicle accident reconstruction, drone photography, reconstruction technology, 3D modeling, computer animation, courtroom graphics, and video production.

Mr. Wood’s areas of expertise include the measuring of incident locations for vehicle accident locations and property losses utilizing both traditional total station measuring tools, 3D scanners, and drone systems.

As an FAA-licensed Remote Pilot, Mr. Wood is responsible for developing safe flight plans and securing authorization for missions involving drone photograph and video. He has been responsible for developing courtroom graphics and animations and utilizes point cloud photogrammetry to create compelling and accurate diagrams for clients, including creating site evidence as well as determining crush values for damaged vehicles.

Education and Certifications

• Digital Media Arts, B.S.: Southern Methodist University
• Interactive Technology, M.S.: Southern Methodist University
• Remote Pilot Certification: Federal Aviation Administration
• Night Operations Training: Kansas State University