Dale E. Donham

Senior Consultant

Forensic Services

Little Rock


Mr. Dale Donham has over 33 years of law enforcement experience serving as an Arkansas State Trooper, with 15 years of experience in traffic accident investigation and reconstruction involving various scenarios and modes of transportation.

As a corporal for a state law enforcement agency, Mr. Donham was responsible for multiple duties, including serving as a field training officer, patrolling the highways, and enforcing various federal and state traffic and criminal laws. As a founding member of the state agency’s accident reconstruction team, he performed accident investigations and reconstructions as needed. He retired from the law enforcement field in 2011.

Mr. Donham’s specific areas of expertise include passenger and commercial vehicle accident reconstruction, pedestrian accident reconstruction, motorcycle accident reconstruction, seat belt analysis, event data recorder downloads, and scene mapping. Additional expertise extends to automotive mechanical examinations (braking, steering, suspension, wheels, electronics), sudden acceleration incident investigations, and truck mechanical examinations (brakes, steering, suspension, data downloads, and hydraulic systems). Mr. Donham has been involved in the investigation of over 1,200 motor vehicle collisions varying from minor property damage crashes to multiple-vehicle fatal collisions, as well as collisions involving commercial and emergency vehicles. He has also testified as an expert in the Circuit Courts in the state of Arkansas as well as multiple Arkansas District Courts, in both criminal and civil cases.

Mr. Donham obtained multiple certifications through the state of Arkansas: as a law enforcement instructor to teach police officers in the field of accident investigation and reconstruction, and as a field training officer to teach police officers how to hone their skills in law enforcement-related matters, including accident investigation and reconstruction. He has over 2,000 law enforcement-related training hours, with over 800 training hours in accident reconstruction.


· Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy (1989)

· Arkansas State Police Training Academy (1995)

· Traffic Homicide Investigator/Accident Reconstructionist: Institute of Police Technology and Management

· Instructor Development: Black River Technical College

· Field Training Officer: Arkansas State Police