Daniel P. Henkel

Principal Consultant / Ph.D., P.E. / Denver


Dr. Henkel completed his MS and Ph.D. at Lehigh University, where his research areas were physical metallurgy, forensics and non-destructive evaluation. He is also a graduate of Pennsylvania State University in electrical engineering and is a registered professional engineer.  He was formerly a NASA scientist, materials research director, innovation leader, and corporate executive with over 30 years in advanced manufacturing processes and materials engineering.  He has numerous publications, obtained four patents, authored a textbook entitled Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials, taught graduate school in applied science, won the prestigious Engineering Materials Achievement Award, and is an elected Fellow of ASM International. 

Dr. Henkel’s materials processing expertise includes additive manufacturing (3D printing), welding, casting, injection molding, forming, sintering, heat treatment and microstructural optimization. He developed commercial products using thin film membranes, catalytic nanoparticles, sol-gel coatings, ductile cast iron, and porous ceramics. His product experience spans diverse industries such as: industrial filtration and separation, chemical processing, high/low voltage electrical switches, high vacuum equipment, fuel cells, medical devices, space flight, petrochemical, industrial piping, microelectronics, bridges and highway structures, municipal water systems and aerospace.

Dr. Henkel’s materials’ expertise includes carbon and stainless steels, aluminum alloys, copper/brass, nickel base superalloys, titanium, intermetallics, carbon-reinforced composites, thermoplastic polymers and engineering ceramics. His corrosion experience includes: microbially-induced corrosion (MIC), sulfidation, selective leaching, cavitation, sensitization, oxidation, carburization, chloride stress corrosion cracking, and crevice corrosion.

Representative Engagements

  • Fatigue and fracture analysis – crack origins, fracture paths, failure mode, cycles to failure
  • Corrosion analysis of large-scale microbial attack at national accelerator facility
  • Identifying contaminant arcing source in soldered microelectronic assemblies
  • Redesigning heat treatment for steel breakaway couplings in state roadway structures
  • Designing carburization/sulfidation resistant porous alloy for hot gas filtration
  • Non-destructive evaluation of cracking in reinforced concrete
  • Developing laser hardening treatments for improving turbine blade wear
  • Multi-sensor, in-process monitoring for crack detection during additive manufacturing
  • Teaching metallurgy to the non-metallurgist, materials selection and characterization methods

Education and Registrations

  • Ph.D. - Materials Science and Engineering - Lehigh University
  • MS - Metallurgy and Materials Engineering - Lehigh University
  • BSEE - Electrical Engineering – Pennsylvania State University
  • Registered Professional Engineer (PE) - Massachusetts, Pennsylvania