Danny Huerta

Associate I / EP / San Diego


Mr. Danny Huerta has over 13 years of experience with commercial real estate due diligence. Specific experience includes Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA); asbestos, lead-based paint and mold/IAQ consulting; and soil and groundwater remediation and monitoring reviews. Additional experience includes vapor intrusion/risk management, environmental compliance/audit, regulatory agency coordination, Environmental Transaction Screens, and Limited Due Diligence Assessments.

As a Senior Project Manager, Mr. Huerta is responsible for managing services associated with environmental due diligence and Phase I ESAs, as well as consulting services and technical compliance associated with the built environment (asbestos, lead, mold, etc.), operational environment (regulatory permitting, compliance testing, etc.) and planned development or redevelopment (regulatory closure, construction worker safety, etc.).


• Environmental Studies, B.A.: University of California, Santa Barbara