David Haley

Fire Consultant / IAAI-CFI / Orlando


Mr. Haley's professional career includes over 22 years of public service with the Orlando Fire Department in Florida, where he achieved the rank of District Chief. His experience includes fire suppression, basic and advanced emergency medical response, cardiac rescue technician, fire safety inspections, code enforcement, fire department management, fire and law enforcement instruction, and division command.

He has worked in fire service as a sworn law enforcement fire investigator, internal affairs investigator, K9 officer, and arson/bomb squad division commander. During that time, Mr. Haley conducted over one thousand fire scene investigations including residential and commercial structure fires, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, heavy equipment, vessels and explosives render-safe procedures, and post-blast investigations.

Mr. Haley has been recognized and received many accommodations in the field of firefighting and fire investigations.

Education and Certifications

  • Fire/Arson Investigator: U.S. National Fire Academy
  • Licensed Private Investigator: Florida
  • Certified Fire Investigator: International Association of Arson Investigators
  • Emergency Medical Technician Certification: Valencia Community College
  • Fire Investigator I and II: Florida State Fire Marshal Fire Academy
  • Florida Fire Service Certification – Firefighter Standards: Seminole Community College
  • Intelligence Liaison Officer: Central Florida Intelligence Exchange
  • Haz Mat Chemistry Certification: Mid-Florida Technical College
  • Hazardous Materials Technician: Dept. of Homeland Security
  • Florida Law Enforcement Certification: Criminal Justice Institute, Valencia Community College
  • Paramedic Certification: Seminole Community College
  • Police Internal Affairs Investigation Certification: University of North Florida
  • Canine Accelerant Detection K9 Certification: Maine State Police