Hank M. Oakes

Senior Consultant / P.E. / Pensacola


Mr. Oakes holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and is a licensed professional engineer in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.  He had extensive experience in geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, engineering management, and engineering forensics.

Mr. Oakes’ expertise and experience include planning and executing design-phase soils explorations programs and geotechnical engineering studies, construction-phase geotechnical consultation, and forensic evaluations of constructed projects.  He has provided forensic evaluations and served as an expert witness on many cases, serving both plaintiff and defense attorneys.  He has been deposed as an expert witness numerous times and also provided trial testimony.

Representative Engagements

Assessment of damage/defects to commercial and residential structures resulting from:
• Water leaks / water intrusion
• Wind 
• Foundation settlement
• Construction defects
• Long-term wear
• Other causes

Education and Registrations

B.A. Math Education, Harding College
B.S. Civil Engineering, University of South Alabama
Licensed Professional Engineer – Alabama, Mississippi, Florida