James F. Lane

Principal Consultant / M.S., P.E. / Chicago


Mr. Lane has with over 30 years of materials engineering and consulting experience in determination of root cause and dispute resolution, with extensive experience designing, conducting, and evaluating field and laboratory testing. He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta, Georgia, earning a Bachelor of Materials Engineering and Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering. He is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in multiple states, including: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin. 

Throughout his career, Mr. Lane has performed thousands of analyses and evaluations, supporting a broad range of industries throughout his career, in both the private and public sector. Some of these industries include: agriculture, construction, electronics, facilities management, hospitality, medical, mining, municipalities, natural gas, oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, pulp and paper, recreation, textiles, and transportation (automotive, railroad, aviation, aerospace, marine, and intermodal). In addition, Mr. Lane has worked with both the insurance and the legal communities. 

Representative Engagements

• Evaluation of fractured powder metallurgy pinion gears due to hydrogen embrittlement and die wear for an automotive application.
• Evaluation of an explosion of a natural gas distribution line due to improper use of mechanical coupling systems.
• Evaluation of an explosion of a natural gas transmission line due to mechanical damage caused by equipment improperly used above the line.
• Development of a design of experiments to determine the proper corrosion-resistant material to be used in carbonator pressure vessels.
• Evaluation of floor systems to determine the underlying cause of bubbling and blistering.
• Evaluation of light pole anchor systems throughout short term and long term parking lots at an international airport after a pole fell on a parked vehicle.
• Evaluation of a wire rope that failed during the operation of an amusement park ride, injuring several riders.
• Evaluation of the heat treatment and welding procedures for a down-hole drill head system.
• Evaluation of a dry barrel fire hydrant base failure.
• Evaluation of brass plumbing fixtures associated with stress corrosion cracking and / or dezincification.
• Evaluation of the components associated with a sugar mill explosion.

Education and Registrations

B.S. – Materials Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S. – Materials Science and Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Professional Engineer (PE)- Licensed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas, South Carolina, Wisconsin