Jayne A. Roth

Senior Consultant / MPH, REHS / Portland


Ms. Roth holds a master’s in public health with an emphasis in microbiology, along with years of experience identifying and mitigating environmental causes of foodborne infectious diseases.

She has 10+ years in the food industry working with large companies’ food safety programs, such as Amazon and Walmart. Ms. Roth has worked in local and state jurisdictions for 15 years working closely with the State Infectious Disease Team to mitigate large foodborne illnesses.

Her special interests include infectious disease control and food safety rule interpretations. She is well-versed in food safety regulatory compliance and the regulatory structure of public health jurisdictions throughout the U.S. She served as the U.S. FDA Food Standardization Officer in Illinois for many years.

Ms. Roth was instrumental in the adoption of new food regulations at the state level as well as federally as part of the U.S. FDA Model Food Code as a state voting delegate and sitting on their technical committee.

Her industry experience began at Walmart Home Office overseeing in-store food safety operations for more than 700 stores and clubs in the eastern states. She worked in Walmart’s Emergency Operations Center and was instrumental in developing their infectious disease program and supporting stores and clubs during disasters.

Education and Certifications

• Public Health, MPH: University of Illinois
• Health Science, B.S, Minor, Microbiology: Western Illinois University
• Registered Environmental Health Specialist
• Illinois Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner
• U.S. Food and Drug Administration Certified Retail Food Inspection Officer