Jeff Rotman

Senior Consultant / P.E. / McAllen


Mr. Rotman holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and an M.S. degree in Financial Management. His experience and industry knowledge covers over 35 years working on residential, commercial, structural and civil projects. He is knowledgeable in areas of design, engineering, procurement, engineering management, project and construction management, structural design and evaluation, scheduling, cost estimating, implementation of quality and control procedures, contract management, and financing of capital projects in the transportation business.  

Mr. Rotman’s expertise includes construction management and structural engineering analysis, design, and evaluation on residential and commercial buildings and public structures. Types of facilities inspected, analyzed and designed include residential single and multi-family units, commercial buildings, retaining walls, bridges and foundation systems. Facility components investigated include foundations, building structures (cast-in-place concrete structures, steel building systems, masonry structures, and wood framed structures), building envelopes, retaining walls and interior finishes for walls, floors, and ceilings.  

Mr. Rotman also practices in the areas of wastewater systems, solid waste, drainage and transportation structures and systems. 

Education and Certifications

• Civil Engineering, B.S.: University of Connecticut
• Financial Management, M.S.: Fairfield University
• Registered Professional Engineer: Florida, Hawaii, South Carolina, and Texas 
• Pre-Certified Construction Project Construction Manager for TXDOT Major Bridge and Major Roadway Construction projects