Jeffrey A. Hoffman

Senior Consultant / Ph.D., P.E. / Portland


Dr. Hoffman has a B.S, M.S., and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with a focus on mechanical design. As faculty, Dr. Hoffman has taught Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Mechanical Design, Fluid Mechanics, and Metallurgy. Industrial experience covers a variety of industries including automotive, oil and chemical, biomedical, and consulting.

Areas of expertise include failure modes of designs and materials. As faculty at Northern Michigan University, Dr. Hoffman taught metallurgy, complete with a testing laboratory covering ferrous, non-ferrous, and polymeric materials. He has experience in the areas of engines, drive trains, applications of hydraulics and pneumatics, process equipment including tanks, pressure vessels, mixers, heat exchangers, piping, pumps, and compressors. He has an extensive background applying finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fuid dynamics (CFD) simulations to support failure analysis and design efforts. He spent 5 years in the field of biomedical engineering as a designer and researcher focused on implants and instruments used in spinal surgery.

While faculty at the University of Alaska-Anchorage, Dr. Hoffman founded the University’s prototyping lab providing design and fabrication services to students, faculty, and the local community. This facility was a fully working machine shop staffed to provide common machining services including welding, CNC lathes and mills, water jetting, and high-end additive manufacturing (3D printing). He was also the faculty advisor for the student-led SAE Baja team for 3 years.

Research background includes internal combustion engines, novel composites created by additive manufacturing, design and failure analysis of bolted assemblies, developing journal bearings for longevity, and the design of spinal implants and instruments.

Education and Certifications

• Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D.: University of Wisconsin-Madison
• Mechanical Engineering, M.S.: University of Wisconsin-Madison
• Mechanical Engineering, B.S.: Michigan Technological University
• Registered Professional Engineer: Alaska