Jessica S. Coogan

Senior Consultant / Ph.D. / Dallas/Fort Worth


Along with a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Stanford University, Dr. Coogan has extensive experience in biomechanical modeling, computational simulations, and injury analysis. Her primary areas of consulting expertise include biomechanical injury consistency and vehicle accident reconstruction. 

Dr. Coogan’s prior experience has included multiple aspects of spine biomechanics, creation and analysis of computer models of the musculoskeletal system, human injury analysis, and cardiovascular fluid mechanics. Her Master’s and Ph.D. coursework and research focused on cardiovascular bioengineering, finite element modeling, and computational fluid dynamics. She has performed biomedical analyses on human subjects, animal models, tissue specimens and human surrogates, and has created, validated, and used mathematical models of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

As a forensic engineer, Dr. Coogan performs biomechanical analysis on cases involving low-speed accidents, seat-belt usage, driver determination, falling objects, helmet usage, slips/trips, and falls. 

Education and Certifications

• Bioengineering, Ph.D.: Stanford University 
• Bioengineering, M.S.: Stanford University 
• Biomedical Engineering, B.S.: Duke University