Johnn M. Kreuser

Construction Division Manager - Eastern Region / P.E. / Tampa


Mr. Kreuser is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on structures.

Mr. Kreuser offers strong working knowledge of various construction practices and techniques through the continental United States and abroad. He has participated in the development of multi-story buildings; designed industrial complexes, commercial/industrial piers, and commercial seawalls; performed construction observations; and developed site reports and investigations. Effectively communicating engineering solutions and issues in lay terms has also served him well by allowing all parties involved to easily comprehend the information so they can make informed decisions.

His project experience allowed him to work on power plants (fossil fuels), industrial, commercial, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare facilities. He also has experience with low-rise, high-rise, and residential construction, commercial/industrial roof systems, and shipping/marine structures including seawalls.

Mr. Kreuser's primary areas of expertise are in structural steel building components, building assessment, building modifications, roofing failures, construction resolution, construction contract review, and construction defects. He has also provided engineering consultations, deposition testimony, and trial testimony to attorneys for construction, forensic, and cause and origin disputes.

Representative Engagements

  • Construction Related
    • Design and construction defects
    • Latent and/or patent defect evaluation
    • Construction claim disputes
    • Contract review
    • Accidents resulting in personal injuries/fatalities
    • Site documentation including evidence collection
    • Collapses
    • Vibrations
    • Dewatering
  • Property Related
    • Roof damage assessment
    • Wind (storm, hurricane, tornado) damage assessment
    • Building envelope moisture intrusion
    • Vehicle impact assessment
    • Fire and explosion damage assessment
    • Floor covering assessment
    • Flood evaluation
    • Tank failures
    • Grain bin failures
  • Insurance and Legal Support
    • Expert testimony
    • Insurance coverage disputes and assessments
    • Resultant damage assessment
    • Mediation preparation
    • Deposition preparation
    • Review of opposing expert documentation
    • Breakdown of liabilities (percentage, cost, discipline, trade)


  • B.S. Civil Engineering - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Registered Professional Engineer - Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin