Karl A. Koenig

Principal Consultant / P.E. / Chicago


Mr. Koenig obtained his Indiana Professional Engineering License five years after graduating from NMSU. He supervised industrial construction projects and, as the construction manager, had responsibility for start-up of mechanical and electrical systems related to heavy industry and expanded his engineering experience in managing multi-discipline capital engineering projects. His engineering and construction experience progressed to a managing role in plant maintenance and the implementation of maintenance technologies, computerized maintenance management systems and development of maintenance performance metrics. He joined Rimkus Consulting Group in 2001 and has been involved in industrial facility failure investigations, damage assessment and rebuild recommendations based on his construction, engineering and maintenance experience.

Mr. Koenig's fields of expertise include industrial, commercial and residential construction defect assessment, drawing, specification and contract compliance and he is not limited to any specific engineering field. Based on his multidiscipline engineering experience, he can manage and draw on specific engineering disciplines within Rimkus for complex interdisciplinary assignments.

Representative Engagements

  • Industrial related assignment include:
    • Basic oxygen furnace explosion investigations
    • Steel cleaning and coating fire cause investigations
    • Industrial conveyor fire cause and damage assessment investigations.
    • Fuel oil environmental spill investigations
    • Assessment of cause and cost verification related to an accidental radioactive source melt.
    • Accident investigations related to electric steelmaking and casting and blast furnaces.
  • Construction defect assignments include:
    • Multiple multi unit condominium projects with complex moisture related damage assessment including cause and remedies.
    • High rise residential and commercial moisture damage assessment
    • Road construction damage assessment including localized flooding, erosion control and thermal expansion damage assessment.
    • Investigate damage assessment due to subdivision construction on neighboring properties and wetlands.
  • Property related assignments include:
    • Severe weather - roof, siding and structural impact assessment
    • Structural assessment due to fire and explosions and differential movement
    • Moisture intrusion, building envelope and freeze damage assessment


  • B.S. Civil Engineering - New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

Registered Professional Engineer

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • Wisconsin