Kent C. Hero

Senior Consultant / Tampa


Mr. Hero holds an AA degree in Business with emphasis on management. He is a licensed certified plumbing contractor in the State of Florida.

Mr. Hero’s professional experience includes all aspects of plumbing including residential and commercial plumbing. He is knowledgeable in the design and build of plumbing systems. He is versed in plumbing estimation and permitting of plumbing projects. He is also versed in plumbing repair and remodeling. He has investigated plumbing failures in both residential and commercial plumbing, and tests and certifies backflow preventers.

Mr. Hero has prepared proposals for various plumbing work and repairs of plumbing systems. He is certified in plumbing plans, drawing and design.

Education and Certifications

• Business Degree, AA: The University of South Florida
• State of Florida Certified Plumbing Contractor: #CFC027966
• Backflow Prevention Certification: University of Florida #A11-18-0246