Kevin Haney

Consultant / Kansas City

Mr. Haney holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering.  His professional practice is focused in the areas of vehicle accident reconstruction and transportation safety.  Mr. Haney has extensive education, training, and experience in vehicle accident reconstruction.

Mr. Haney has performed thousands of vehicular accident reconstructions involving passenger cars, commercial vehicles, school and transit buses, rollovers, trains, farm equipment, motorcycles, ATVs, forklifts, bicycles, pedestrians and animals. He also has extensive experience with construction zone collision reconstructions.  Mr. Haney is a certified CDR download analyst and also performs ECM downloads of commercial vehicles.  He prides himself on honest and accurate work and has been a part of several rapid response teams for commercial trucking fleets across the United States.

Representative Engagements

  • Commercial Vehicle Collision Investigation & Reconstruction:  Mechanical System Inspections and Out-of-Service Determinations, Air Brake System Function and Safety, Tractor-Trailer Dynamics and Articulated Vehicles, Engine Control Module (ECM) Data Retrieval and Analysis, Rapid Response Reconstruction of Collisions Involving Single or Multiple Heavy Vehicles 
  • Accident Investigation & Reconstruction:  Passenger Cars, CDR Download Analyst, Commercial Vehicles, School and Transit Buses, Rollovers, Single Vehicle Collisions, Driver Identification, Trains, Farm Equipment, Motorcycles, ATVs, Forklifts, Bicycles, Pedestrians, Animals, Construction Zone Collisions and Signage, Traffic Signal Sequencing


  • B.S. – Biomedical Engineering – University of Central Oklahoma