Michael R. Kimbrell

Senior Consultant / P.E. / San Antonio


Mr. Kimbrell holds a BS in Chemical Engineering and is a licensed engineer in California. He has over 40 years of industrial experience in the petrochemical business that includes operations management in crude oil fractionation, vacuum distillation, delayed coking, and sulfur recovery that includes amine systems, Claus sulfur recovery, and tail gas treatment. Mr. Kimbrell also has operations management experience in hydroprocessing units including gas oil, diesel, and naphtha hydrotreaters as well as semi-regen reforming units.

Mr. Kimbrell has process design experience on two new Delayed Cokers, revamps of several Crude Oil distillation and Vacuum distillation units including the replacement of three vacuum towers. He was part of the design team for a 400 MW combined cycle Co-Generation unit. He was the lead process engineer on a Tail Gas treating unit in a sulfur recovery system that included revamps to the day pits to limit emissions of H2S to the atmosphere.

While he was employed by BP, he was the Delayed Coker Advisor from 2004 to 2017, providing process and operational support for all of the Delayed Cokers within the BP refining system that consisted of eight different refineries around the world.

Education and Certifications

• Chemical Engineering, B.S.: Washington State University
• Professional Engineer: California