Patrick T. O'Neill

Senior Consultant / ACTAR / Las Vegas


Mr. O’Neill is a retired police officer and is accredited as a Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction. 

Mr. O’Neill started his police career in 1996 and served 22 years with the Tacoma (Washington) Police Department.  During this time he received extensive training in police procedures and practices covering a wide range of topics.   

Mr. O’Neill was a member of the department’s Accident Investigation Team for eight years as a lead investigator.  During his tenure in the department he documented and investigated over 1,000 collisions and performed/assisted with the reconstruction of approximately 100 felony level collisions involving serious injuries or fatalities.  Mr. O’Neill has experience in all levels of passenger vehicle collision investigation to include; car pedestrian/bicycle, low and high speed collision analysis, damage consistency, vehicle download and analysis.  He strives to keep up with the changing field of collision investigation by continuing to attend advanced training at every opportunity.  He obtained his accreditation under ACTAR in 2009.

Over the course of his career Mr. O’Neill held numerous assignments including Police Patrol Officer, Police Motor Officer (Traffic) and Community Liaison Officer and Range Safety Officer.  He was also a member of several specialty police units including Motorcycle Officer, Disorder Response Team (DRT), Incident Management Team (IMT) and department instructor.


  • Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist - ACTAR#2139