Peter A. Townsend

District Manager / P.E. / Atlanta


Mr. Townsend is a 1991 Civil Engineering Technology graduate from the University of Southern Indiana.   Mr. Townsend’s primary areas of consulting expertise include structural design, building damage assessment, building envelope design, slip resistance testing, and walkway safety.

Mr. Townsend’s professional experience includes the design of multi-story hotels, dormitories, shopping malls, apartment buildings, commercial and retail buildings, industrial warehouses, shipping facilities, government buildings, and residential buildings. He has also overseen the seismic renovation of existing buildings, which were built prior to the development of modern building code requirements.  In addition to building structures, Mr. Townsend has designed earth retaining structures, material conveying systems, large scale overhead crane support structures, and high-temperature steam piping.  Mr. Townsend often served as an inspector to verify that final construction of buildings and other structures met the structural design and governing building code requirements.

As a consultant, Mr. Townsend has significant experience in the investigation of structural damage to buildings from varying causes including fires, construction vibrations, explosions, tree impacts, and vehicle impacts.  In this capacity, he has provided expert guidance in regard to the extent of damage caused by these incidents, and has provided either temporary or permanent repair recommendations.  He has also provided guidance in regard to the condition of multi-residential properties (property condition assessments).

Mr. Townsend has been responsible for inspecting the installation of single ply commercial roofing systems to verify their compliance with manufacturer specifications and construction documents.  Mr. Townsend has also served as the lead consultant in construction defect investigations involving moisture intrusion through brick veneer, stucco, windows and doors, and multiple types of roofing systems.  Mr. Townsend is an expert in the evaluation of hail and wind damage to roofing systems, having performed hundreds of inspections of individual residential and commercial roofs for storm damage.

Mr. Townsend has also conducted multiple investigations of walkway accidents occurring at hotels, parking structures, restaurants, grocery stores, commercial buildings, and personal residences.  In the course of his work, he has developed a thorough working knowledge of current walkway safety standards, building codes, and ADA design requirements.  Mr. Townsend is an expert in the field of walkway slip resistance, and has also served as a consultant in the evaluation of existing facilities to determine their compliance with governing codes and safety standards. 

Representative Engagements

  • Evaluation of buildings and exterior premises for code compliance
  • ADA compliance investigations
  • Slip, trip and fall investigations
  • Commercial and residential building construction defect investigations
  • Building envelope failures
  • Structural assessment of buildings damaged by fire, impact or vibration
  • Hail and wind damage evaluations

Education and Registrations

  • B.S. Civil Engineering Technology - University of Southern Indiana
  • Registered Professional Engineer - Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina