Richard A. Gehse

Senior Consultant / MSME, P.E. / Houston


Mr. Gehse’s professional career spans over forty (40) years with extensive and diverse industry experience in the electric utility, metals, chemical, oil & gas midstream and downstream refining sectors.  His experience and industry knowledge covers areas of design, engineering, procurement, engineering management, project and construction management, construction, asset integrity assessments, scheduling, cost estimating and budget control, implementing quality and control procedures, contract management, and financing of capital projects.

Mr. Gehse’s technical areas of expertise include process safety management, risk management program regulatory compliance, fire and explosion prevention, protection, damage limiting construction, failure analysis, rotating equipment, pressure vessels, over-pressure relieving devices, mechanical integrity, corrosion assessments and fatigue analysis, power generation steam cycle plants, co-generation plants and combined-cycle power plants. 

Mr. Gehse’s management areas of expertise include project planning and scheduling, cost estimating, risk analysis, management of change and team building.  He has managed new grass-roots capital projects as well as the re-vamping and renovating of existing oil, gas, and petrochemical projects. He has been responsible for executing many complex EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) assignments in the electric utility and oil and gas industries.

Representative Engagements

Fire and Explosion Protection

  • over-pressure relieving devices
  • damage limiting construction
  • special hazards fire protection systems
  • explosion protection systems


  • fatigue analysis
  • corrosion assessments
  • finite element analysis
  • release dispersion modeling

Equipment / Systems

  • Equipment Systems
  • rotating equipment
  • gas turbine prime movers
  • pressure vessels
  • relief valves

Waste to Energy

  • refuse to energy
  • co-generation
  • landfill gas recovery
  • gas to liquid conversion

Electric Utilities

  • boilers / furnaces
  • power plants
  • steam turbine / generators
  • combined cycle plants
  • gas turbine / generators
  • material handling
  • coal dust mitigation

Metals Industry

  • coke making
  • iron making
  • pig iron casting
  • steel making
  • steel finishing
  • energy recovering systems


  • mechanical construction manager, Wabash River Coal Gasification Repowering Project
  • mechanical piping construction manager
  • site construction manager

Project Management and Planning

  • schedule conflict resolution
  • cash flow projections/verifications

Education and Registrations

  • BS Structural Engineering, University of Illinois
  • MS Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois
  • Professional Engineer: Texas and Illinois