Robert R. Messel, Jr.

Senior Consultant / P.E. / Orlando


Mr. Messel holds a B.S. degree and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in power generation.

Mr. Messel has over 28 years of experience in the design, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting of power plants and electrical equipment including large commercial synchronous generators.

In addition, he has experience operating both a shipboard nuclear power plant and a shipboard electric plant. He’s spent over a decade servicing, modernizing and returning to service large commercial synchronous generators that were forced out of service for repair.

Frequent activities include the expedited restoration of forced out commercial synchronous generators, assembling root cause investigation teams, and acting as the technical lead to investigate the root cause of the forced outage. Any identified potential root causes are identified and analyzed to determine the potential for impact on similar units. Action plans are developed and implemented across product lines to minimize the risk of similar units.

Education and Certifications

• Electrical Engineering, M.S.: Georgia Institute of Technology
• Electrical Engineering, B.S.: Southern Illinois University Carbondale
• Professional Engineer: Florida
• NERC BT (Balance Authority, Interchange Coordinator and Transmission Operator) Certified
• PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) Certified