Roger J. Topping

Principal Consultant / P.E. / Newark


Mr. Topping holds a B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a M. S. degree in Engineering Management. He is a licensed professional engineer and building inspector and a certified fire inspector in New Jersey. He has broad, hands-on project management, construction, inspection, design, development, product testing, and manufacturing background and an extensive record of forensic investigation, cost savings, and code violation abatement.

Mr. Topping has a working, hands-on knowledge of most building trades and codes, residential housing rehabilitation, plumbing, HVAC and fire suppression systems, and engineering design and development of outside plant construction and distribution products. His occupational experience includes testing, evaluation and failure analysis of mechanical, electromechanical, HVAC and construction products and systems, project and product development management, and materials and manufacturing process analysis selection and improvement.

Mr. Topping investigated and resolved scores of customer complaints regarding construction and telecommunication distribution products resulting from corrosion, manufacturing and/or design defects, and installation errors. His improved designs of same resulted in increased reliability, greater environmental/corrosion resistance, facilitated installation, and reduced cost. He has conducted well over 550 forensic investigations, evaluating incidents and personal injury accidents involving real estate, consumer products, recreational equipment including rope courses and zip lines, construction products, practices and equipment, fire suppression systems, plumbing, boilers, furnaces, HVAC, doors, cooking appliances, elevators, lift trucks, man lifts, boom trucks, drill rigs, pile drivers, and industrial machinery and practices.

Mr. Topping has developed an extensive familiarity with, but not limited to, past and present New York City, New York State, New Jersey and International Construction, Mechanical, Plumbing and Fire Codes and numerous ANSI, ASTM, ASME and NFPA National Standards, OSHA standards and New York Labor Laws.

Education and Certifications

• Engineering Management, M.S.: New Jersey Institute of Technology
• Mechanical Engineering, M.S.: New Jersey Institute of Technology
• Mechanical Engineering, B.S. New Jersey Institute of Technology
• Registered Professional Engineer: New Jersey
• Building Inspector: New Jersey (HHS No. 009407)
• Fire Inspector: New Jersey, No. I63790
• Certified Forklift and Aerial Lift Operator
• Certified Open Water Diver
• U.S. Navy Electronics School