Roman Stemprok

Senior Consultant / Ph.D., P.E. / Dallas/Fort Worth


Mr. Stemprok holds B.S., M.E., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering and is a registered professional engineer in Texas.

He has extensive industrial experience in electrical power systems, power generation, very high current AC to DC conversion, and heavy industrial motors for water or air circulation systems. His industrial experience covers over 20 years in areas of electrical project designs, project management, technical staff supervising, project scheduling, estimating, and budgeting for power systems from low voltage to 138 kV and for control systems.

Mr. Stemprok’s areas of expertise include power systems design and its related components, electricity grid/power supplies operation, repairs, and safety. Primary AC power includes 138kV (110MVA), 69kV (15MVA), 12.47kV, 4160V, 480V, and below with DC magnet power supplies in the 10 kA to 150 kA range using SCR and IGBT technologies. The Tokamak Fusion System utilized a complicated water system for cooling that contains over 50 pumps of 5 to 200 HP. He maintained and redesigned the power system for over 14 years. He characterized new product performance in the intended application. Responsibilities included designing, debugging, power systems, demo boards, PLCs, and characterizing new product evaluation. He generated technical documentation such as electrical diagrams, application notes, and technical papers. While doing laboratory and field research at the University of North Texas, Texas Tech University, and Pulsed Power Laboratory for 20 years, Mr. Stemprok developed microcontroller labs with software models, chip design tools, road surface texture measurement using digital image processing, and information theory and evaluated Roadway Lighting Design by Small Target Visibility. He also designed, built, and operated pulsed power equipment – electron beam guns, high-voltage switches, Tesla transformers, Marx banks, and switching power supplies.

Education and Certifications

• Electrical Engineer, Ph.D.: Texas Tech
• Electrical Engineer, M.E.: McGill University
• Electrical Engineer, B.S.: CVUT University
• Registered Professional Engineer in Texas