Steven A. Frase

Gulf Coast Region Region Property Division Manager / P.E. / San Antonio


Mr. Frase is a 1978 graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with experience in the engineering/construction industry. Disciplines of practice include architectural/structural engineering with emphasis on design, construction, and performance evaluations of low and mid-rise institutional, commercial and residential buildings.

Fields of expertise include building code compliance; wood, concrete masonry, and steel design and construction; slab-on-ground and pier foundations; building envelop design and construction; plaster and masonry wall veneer construction; flooring and window installations; vibration damage to buildings; trip and fall accidents; storm damage to buildings; and construction delay claims.

Representative Engagements

  • Dispute involving damage to apartment building foundations on an active soil site
  • Dispute arising from damage to an institutional building foundation on a collapsible soil site
  • Dispute between an institutional building owner and the architect/ general contractor concerning construction defects
  • Dispute between the owner of a single family housing development and the developer/architect/ general contractor regarding construction defects
  • Evaluation of the extent of structural damage to a commercial shopping center caused by fire
  • Determination of the cause for collapse of a roof on a warehouse
  • Determination of reasons for building water intrusion incidents:
    • At windows in a single family residence
    • Through and around plaster and masonry wall veneers on a governmental building
    • Through aluminum storefront window assemblies in an office structure


  • B.S. Architectural Engineering - University of Texas at Austin


  • P.E. - Registered Professional Engineer - Texas


  • Level I Thermographer