Steven A. Frase

Architectural Engineer / P.E. / San Antonio


Mr. Frase holds a B.S. degree in Architectural Engineering and is a registered professional engineer in Texas. He has extensive experience in the engineering and construction industry including architectural/structural engineering with emphasis on design, construction, and performance evaluations of low and mid-rise institutional, industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

From structural analysis to design and performance evaluations, Mr. Frase assesses structures made from a variety of materials, including cast-in-place concrete, masonry, wood, and steel. He has performed design work, prepared contract documents, performed quality control and structural integrity investigations, and specified and supervised the implementation of retrofit procedures for existing structures. His knowledge also extends to design and development planning, site feasibility planning, strength of materials, architectural components, materials quantity estimating, cost estimating, surveying, and soil mechanics.

Mr. Frase has vast experience in situations involving building code compliance, construction defects, foundation design and repairs, design and construction contractual disputes, catastrophic structural failures, building-related water intrusion, post-fire structural issues, plumbing design and repairs, roof damage and repairs, building-related vibration issues, slip/trip/fall accidents, storm damage to structures, flooring damage, and drainage problems. He has provided expert witness testimony on cases related to these types of circumstances.

He is also a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers and the Texas Society of Professional Engineers.

Education and Certifications

• Architectural Engineering, B.S.: University of Texas at Austin (1978)
• Registered Professional Engineer: Texas
• Level 1 Thermographer