Thomas D. Kane

Fire Consultant / CFI, CFI(V) / Phoenix


Mr. Kane is a police officer with a B.S. in Criminal Justice, a licensed private investigator, a former licensed construction contractor, and a Certified Fire Investigator specializing in fire origin and cause investigation, and consultation.  

Of his over 30 years of experience in law enforcement, he has spent half of that career as an arson detective, determining the cause and origin of over 1,000 fires in commercial and residential structures, recreational vehicles, automobiles, marine vessels, heavy equipment and wild lands.  

Mr. Kane has been recognized as an expert witness in both criminal and civil court, in the fields of fire cause and origin, building construction, criminal investigations, firearms, transient criminal groups, and issues relating to building safety and security.    

Education and Certifications

• Criminal Justice, B.S.:  State University of New York, Buffalo 
• New York City Police Officer Certification: NYPD Police Academy 
• New York State Police Officer Certification: Suffolk County Police Academy 
• Arizona Police Officer certification: Phoenix Regional Police Academy 
• Certified Fire Investigator: International Association of Arson Investigators, #28-036 
• Certified Fire Investigator, Vehicle Endorsement:  International Association of Arson Investigators 
• Maricopa County Fire Investigation Task Force: Maricopa County, AZ
• FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force on Arson: Federal Bureau of Investigation (formed to apprehend the Phoenix Mountain Preserve Arsonist) 
• Licensed Construction Contractor (former):  Arizona Registrar of Contractors
• Licensed Private Investigator: Arizona, New Mexico