Timothy Casey

Consultant / Jacksonville


Mr. Casey is a 2012 graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with over 8 years of experience in vehicle accident reconstruction, vehicle inspections, mechanical design of consumer and military products, industrial machinery, gas turbine piping, and construction.

Mr. Casey’s area of expertise includes the investigation, analysis, and reconstruction of vehicle collisions.  He has experience with damage analysis, coefficient of friction of roadways, and vehicle lamp examinations.  He is trained in digital site mapping, passenger vehicle inspection, and the collection and analysis of Event Data Record information from passenger vehicles. 

He is also experienced in machine design for a wide variety of mechanical assemblies, laser safety system standards, oxygen storage tank inspection, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) load analysis, plumbing products, piping assembly design for gas turbines, pipe support design for welded structures, failure analysis of consumer products, Computer numeric controlled (CNC) equipment, wood wall and ceiling panel installation, high-speed aerodynamic testing, mechanical systems and equipment, industrial machinery, and failure analysis of consumer products.

Representative Engagements

Product evaluations, origin and causation, property damage investigation

    • Rooftop units
    • Split systems
    • Chilled water
    • Direct expansion (DX) air conditioning systems
  • Design and evaluation of HVAC systems and controls
  • Cooling towers, chillers, boilers, pumps
  • Tanks and pressure vessels
  • Pollution control equipment
  • Piping and plumbing components, water heaters
  • Propane and natural gas systems
  • Machinery, hydraulic systems
  • Forensic accident reconstruction

Education and Registrations

  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering – University of Central Florida
  • Registered Professional Engineer – Florida