Tyeler J. Payne

Fire Consultant / CCAI-CFI, NAFI-CFEI / San Francisco/Concord


Mr. Tyeler Payne is a Certified Fire Investigator with the California Conference of Arson Investigators (CCAI) and a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator with the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI). He began as a volunteer in the fire service in 2014. For the last 7 years, Mr. Payne has served as a fire investigator in the private sector. Mr. Payne has been involved in the investigation of over 440 fire incidents including residential structures, commercial structures, vehicle fires, and wildland fires.

Education and Certifications

• Certified Fire Investigator, California Conference of Arson Investigators
• Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, National Association of Fire Investigators
• Part 107 FAA Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot
• Associate of Science in Fire Technology with Honors
• Fire Protection Organization
• Fire Behavior and Combustion
• Fire Equipment and Systems
• Fire Prevention
• Building Construction
• Firefighter Safety and Survival
• Associate of Science in Social and Behavioral Sciences with Honors
• 1A - Fire Origin and Cause Determination
• 1B - Techniques of Fire Investigation
• 2A - Criminal and Legal Procedures
• 2B - Field Case Studies
• Expert Witness Testimony, International Association of Arson Investigators
• S – 190 Wildland Fire Behavior
• Placer County Volunteer Fire Academy
• Sierra College Regional Fire Academy
• Firefighter I, California State Fire Marshal
• Hazardous Materials First Responder, State of California