Wai-Ho Chiang

Principal Consultant / P.E., S.E. / Chicago/Willowbrook


Mr. Chiang holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Civil Engineering and is a registered structural engineer in Illinois, and a registered professional engineer in multiple states.

Mr. Chiang has accumulated an extensive structural design experience in municipal facilities, industrial warehouse facilities, retail buildings, theatres, schools, office buildings, hospitals, condominiums, equipment supporting platforms, telecommunication towers, single family homes, and mid- to high-rise residential buildings from 14 stories to 40 stories in height.

Mr. Chiang’s experience includes structural analysis, design, coordination, construction administration, field investigation, structural mapping, cost analysis, and overall project management. He also possesses specialized experience in vibration of floor framing, vibration and dynamic analysis of tall slender structures, Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) systems in structural remediation and evaluation of damage to buildings induced by ground vibration. Mr. Chiang has designed numerous new buildings, building additions, building renovations/repairs/rehabilitations, and equipment supporting platforms. Mr. Chiang has designed roof and floor systems utilizing steel bar joists, steel beams, composite steel beams, concrete slabs, concrete beams, post-tensioned concrete slabs, post-tensioned concrete beams, light gauge metal joists, saw cut and engineered wood joists, engineered wood trusses, and glue-laminated wood beams. He has designed systems for wind and seismic force resistance utilizing steel moment frames, steel braced frames, concrete frames, masonry walls, concrete walls, wood stud walls, and light gauge metal stud walls. Foundations designs include various systems using spread footings, concrete belled caissons, concrete drilled piers, steel piles, concrete pile caps, helical anchors, grade beams, and concrete mats. He also has experience in resolving disputes, damage and delay claims, and change orders during construction phase of the projects.

Education and Certifications

• Civil Engineering, B.S.: University of Illinois
• Civil Engineering, M.S.: University of Illinois
• Registered Structural Engineer: Illinois
• Registered Professional Engineer: Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, New York, and Wisconsin