William T. (Bill) Myers, Jr.

Senior Consultant / P.E., CWI / Jackson


Mr. Myers is a civil engineering graduate from Tulane University with extensive consulting experience in the assessment and design of buildings and non-building structures in the commercial and industrial sectors.  

Mr. Myers has over 20 years in forensic structural engineering, design, engineering management, project and construction management, structural design and evaluation, incidental architectural code search, design and specifications, scheduling, cost estimating and budget control, and implementing quality and control procedures of commercial and industrial projects.  Additionally Mr. Myers has over 9 years of inspection of structural steel structures as a Certified Welding Inspector.

Representative Engagements

Failure and/or damage assessment of low-rise commercial, industrial and residential structures

  • Foundation failures
  • Roof system failures
  • Wall and façade failures
  • Certified weld inspections and professional observations during construction
  • Building and non-building design and specification of repairs and modifications

Education / Certifications

  • B.S. Civil Engineering –Tulane University
  • Registered Professional Engineer - Florida, Mississippi
  • Certified Welding Inspector – American Welding Society