Metallurgical Technologies Meets and Exceeds Nuclear Industry Standards Audit

September 18, 2020

Rimkus subsidiary Metallurgical Technologies, Inc. recently underwent a NUPIC (Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee) and NIAC (Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee) audit to our facility for our quality assurance (QA) program. The NUPIC and NIAC committees are comprised of nuclear utilities throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Only a select few material testing laboratories have the capabilities to meet the extremely strict nuclear QA requirements. The audit also reviews the experience, depth, and expertise of Met-Tech’s staff.

We are pleased to announce that once again NUPIC and NAIC have assessed and confirmed that the QA program at Met-Tech meets and exceeds the nuclear standards specified in 10CFR50 appendix B for Commercial Grade work in the nuclear industry.

As a nuclear Commercial Grade qualified testing laboratory, Met-Tech has been providing nuclear safety related testing and analysis services to the nuclear power generation industry for nearly 25 years.

Visit the Met-Tech website to learn more.

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