05 January 2016

"Goliath" Produces Historic Weather across the U.S.

Living up to its name, Winter Storm Goliath brought snow and ice from the Western U.S. through a large part of the Plains, Midwest, and Northeast from Dec. 24 through Dec. 29, 2015.

A swath of 2.5 to 28 inches of snow and severe blizzard conditions crippled several cities, as within that zone, a historic blizzard buried the southern Plains in heavy snow whipped by wind gusts as high as 80 mph. Tornadoes touched down in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. Flooding ravaged areas in Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Southern states are preparing for surging Mississippi River flooding as the water moves south.

Numerous downed trees and power outages were reported along with hundreds of flight cancellations and travel interruptions. Major freeways were shut down due to hazardous road conditions and frequent collisions. Significant damage to residential and commercial buildings is widespread.

Experienced forensic engineers, architects, and building consultants at Rimkus Consulting Group are prepared to assist in assessing residential and commercial property losses throughout the affected areas. Please call 866-746-5871 or email catclaims@rimkus.com to request property inspection and construction consulting services.

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