07 July 2022

Rimkus Connections: July Edition

Rimkus is a worldwide leader in engineering and technical consulting.

Operating from more than 110 offices around the globe, we provide services to corporations, insurance companies, law firms, and government agencies.

We are dedicated to the timely resolution of accidents, claims, and legal disputes.

We also provide technical solutions for the built environment, proactively identifying, mitigating, and helping to eliminate the complex risks inherent in the procurement, design, construction, and operations of facilities.

Recalls can be the result of manufacturing defects, design issues, or unexpected and unintended user behaviors – for many manufacturers, issues due to user behavior can be particularly challenging.

Our Human Factors group can provide the expertise to analyze user behavior. We can help predict potential misuses before they happen or identify ways to address unexpected misuses when they are discovered in the field.

Offering extensive experience in safety, forensic sciences, and failure analysis, Rimkus has a diverse group of qualified engineers, metallurgists and materials scientists, biomechanists, human factors experts, and safety professionals to conduct accident investigations involving products, equipment, and materials.

Rimkus uses specialized investigative techniques to analyze the full spectrum of the product cycle. We examine the entire life cycle, from inception to end use, including design, manufacturing, materials installation, training, operation, and maintenance.

Capital Consulting International (CCi), A Rimkus Company, Acquires Hargreaves Jones

We’ve deepened our global expertise and broadened the Rimkus network of companies in the UK.

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Roth Explains the Connection Between Understaffed Restaurants and Foodborne Illness Risks

In a recent article for the National Retail and Restaurant Defense Association, Rimkus Senior Consultant Jayne Roth, MPH, REHS, shares food safety expertise.

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27th Annual Railroad Liability Conference
July 13, 2022 – St. Louis, Missouri

“The Psychology of Sound Perception” presented by Farheen S. Khan, Ph.D., Vice President, Human Factors, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

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Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. CE/CLE Webinar
July 20, 2022 – Online

“Accident Investigation and Evidence Gathering” presented by Kevin M. Haney, ACTAR, Principal Consultant.

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PLRB 2022 Technology and Claims Symposium
July 28-29, 2022 – Denver, Colorado

“Digital Intelligence: The Future of Forensics” presented by Robert T. Foster, Esq., District Manager, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

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