24 July 2013

Rimkus Releases New Assignments On-the-Go Application

Rimkus Consulting Group announces the release of the Assignments On-the-Go application for smart phone and tablet devices. Targeted at clients operating outside of the office environment, the new application facilitates making new assignments to Rimkus while still on-site at loss locations.

When using the application, Rimkus clients have the advantage of submitting new assignments while working outside of the office. The new Rimkus application affords clients the capability of entering assignments on their mobile device(s) regardless of whether there is an internet connection present. When an assignment is entered with no connectivity present, the assignment is saved until an internet connection is available, at which point the user can submit any saved assignments. The first time an individual uses the application, the user’s basic information is retained and auto-filled on subsequent assignment submissions, eliminating the need to enter such information each time. When asked why the new Assignments On-the-Go application was created, Michael Wiseman, vice president at Rimkus, stated, “We created the app in response to client requests and industry demand. We are excited to offer our clients another avenue by which to easily submit assignments.”  

Assignments On-the-Go application for Apple devices is available in the Apple App Store; for users with Android devices, the application is available in the Google Play Store.  It can be found in either store by simply searching for "Rimkus". The characteristics and format of the application mirror the online assignment submission form featured on the Rimkus website. 

About Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. 

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. is a worldwide provider of forensic consulting services to insurance companies, law firms, corporations and government agencies. Rimkus assists clients in the responsive and timely resolution of claims and disputes. The company’s team of professional engineers, scientists and technical specialists is recognized for its commitment to service excellence by local, national and international business communities.


Vanessa McInvale
Client Relations Specialist
Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc.

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