12 August 2013

Rimkus to Co-Present Seminars on Current Oil and Gas Litigation Matters in London, September 2013

Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc. and representatives of several of its law firm clients will be in London in September 2013 to present technical, regulatory and insurance coverage topics related to current oil field litigation matters to insurance claims, underwriting and reinsurance professionals.

On September 10, Philip R. Watters, P.E., Rimkus Consulting Group; Carl J. Pernicone, Partner, Wilson Esler; and Michael Conley, Principal, Offit Kurman, will present technical, regulatory and insurance coverage topics related to hydraulic fracturing and the impact of scientific analysis on the handling of related claims.

Mr. Watters will address the roles of scientists and engineering consultants impacting regulators in promulgating and enforcing hydraulic fracturing regulations.  Technical consultants have helped develop hydraulic fracturing’s technical research foundation, directly provided guidance to regulators, conducted forensic incident investigations, oversaw environmental remediation project management oversight, and served as consulting and expert witnesses in litigation related to hydraulic fracturing.

On September 12, Philip R. Watters and Mark L. Clark, Managing Partner, Brown Sims New Orleans, will present a seminar on oil field legacy claims and litigation issues in the Charles Taylor London office.

This presentation reviews the evolution of this litigation phenomenon from both technical and legal defense perspectives and how it impacts oil field operations occurring in decades past.  Insights as to the current situation and outlook for future claims and litigation involving oil and gas companies and oil field service providers and will be shared. 

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