19 July 2013

Rimkus to Present Environmental Topics at Tampa Seminar

Philip R, Watters, P.E., and Jeffrey H. Peters, P.E., will present two environmental topics at Rimkus' 10th Annual Tampa Continuing Education Seminar being held June 19-20, 2013.

Mr. Watters will address “Practical Forensic Toxicology for Drug and Alcohol Cases and the Issue of Impairment.”  While motor vehicle deaths associated with alcohol use are declining numerically, alcohol and drug abuse remain important factors in workplace accidents and workers compensation claims. 

Mr. Peters will discuss “Foam Insulation…the Next Chinese Drywall?”  Spray urethane foam’s insulation properties make it very attractive in both new and retrofit construction.  However, concerns are being raised about potential health effects,  combustibility, and workmanship issues.

For additional information about the conference, including other speakers and topics, click here.

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