Building Systems and Component Testing

Loss of life, serious injury, property damage, and financial loss can arise from building systems and construction products, equipment, and material failures.

When product liability claims arise, Rimkus offers an experienced team of experts who specialize in evaluating the cause of product failures involving mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Our team of experts utilizes investigation techniques to fully analyze the entire product life-cycle, including the design, installation, safety, and maintenance, as well as methods of use and operation.

To support these product liability investigations, Rimkus offers special examination and testing facilities where appropriate and experienced engineers and technicians examine and test failed products and equipment.  Our product inspections and laboratory tests are designed and performed by qualified engineers, metallurgists, and material specialists in order to determine the root cause of loss as well as contributing factors to systems, products, and component failures. 

Regional Practice Leaders

Paul G. Phillips


Jeffrey D. Bradshaw


MEP Division Manager, Eastern Region