Green Building Evaluations

The United States Green Building Council established Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification program for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.

In response to green building development and subsequent claims and disputes that may arise, Rimkus offers a Green Building Advisory Team, consisting of licensed engineers and LEED® Accredited Professionals for project oversight and peer review of the investigation and analysis of LEED® Certification and green building claims and legal disputes.

Green Building Due Diligence

Green building design and construction requires the same due diligence as any other construction. A green building certification does not necessarily certify good building science and the failure to understand the building science impact of a green design could compromise the performance and sustainability of the design.

Green building contractors are instrumental to the implementation and documentation for green accreditation. Commissioning of unique and new design ideas is essential for proper building performance, as well as proper documentation for reaching the desired LEED® Certification levels.

Many green products are new and may have a limited history of use, application, function, and benefit, which may pose potential risks. It is recommended that these new green products be properly researched and independently tested where possible. In addition, a complete understanding of green building products is recommended to determine the appropriateness of each product for the life cycle of a building.

Green Building Claims

At Rimkus, we offer trained engineers and LEED® Accredited Professionals with experience in analyzing the origin and cause of property damage from storms, floods, and natural occurrences. We will examine the extent of damage and determine the cause of loss, as well as assist in the remediation and reconstruction of residential, commercial, and institutional properties. In addition, Rimkus can assist in evaluating property damage that can arise from green building design errors and omissions, construction deficiencies, inadequate operation and maintenance, as well as building product or material failures. We can also validate the building’s green features and verify the building is operating as designed.

Green Building Products

While LEED® building certification addresses the green building design, construction, and operation, green products have their own certifications. Many Green Building strategies for improving conventional design can bring unintended consequences.

Our team of experts has conducted extensive investigations involving Green Building Products, including mold infested cellulose insulation, manufactured siding with improper drainage planes, improperly installed energy conserving dual pane windows, and photo voltaic solar panel failures.

Green Building Product Evaluations include:

  • Insulation systems and products
  • Solar panel systems and products
  • Carpet and padding products
  • Paints, adhesives, cleaning products
  • Certified wood products
  • Recycled, reclaimed, biodegradable materials
  • Energy appliances, HVAC systems, windows, lighting

Regional Practice Leaders

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