Plumbing System Evaluations

Water supply, wastewater removal, and plumbing and drainage systems are critical to public health and sanitation. Today, plumbing systems have undergone system changes, including low-flow fixtures, high-efficiency boilers and water heaters, and gray water systems.

While the advancements in systems are designed to improve building efficiencies, these systems can fail as a result of deficiencies in design, manufacturing, materials, and installation, as well as operation and maintenance.

At Rimkus, our team of architectural, mechanical, and building engineers offers a broad range of expertise in the evaluation of common problems that can arise from residential plumbing supply, drainage, water heaters, washing machines, as well as commercial plumbing systems involving cooling towers, pumps, chillers and boilers, air filtration, cooling coils, controllers, sprinkler systems, and indoor air quality services.

Waterborne Bacteria Investigations

Plumbing systems are known sources of waterborne illness and disease. In order to address human health exposures to causative agents, our team of engineers, certified industrial hygienists, and toxicologists have years of experience in the investigation and analysis of property damage and human health exposures involving plumbing systems and waterborne pathogens. When water treatment systems are contaminated with elevated levels of waterborne bacteria, Rimkus responds to isolate the problem areas and set forth the proper remediation protocols.

Regional Practice Leaders

Mark H. Nelson


Dennis L. Rasco


Frank P. Seter